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Great Dofollow Backlink Building Software for 2023

About Word Counter

Need a free word counter tool to use online?

Our word counter tool is free to use and useful for anyone who needs to know the word count of a paragraph or even a large amount of text.

Entirely free and easy to use

It's as simple as pasting your text in the box and clicking "count words." That's it!

Quick & accurate results

The tool will give you the exact number of words you pasted, tell you if it's too long or short, and provide you with an analysis about what the word count means for your document.

No registration required

This tool is completely free to use without any sort of hidden costs or monthly subscription fee. You only need an internet connection and that's it.

Need to know the word count of an article?

We all need to know the word count at some point, whether it be for a blog post, website copy, or even marketing materials.

Count words with MerkSEO

With our word counter tool, you'll never have to worry about counting words ever again. All you need to do is paste in your text, and our tool will calculate the number of words automatically.

Word count in a click

You can also use our word counter tool as a bookmarklet to count words on any page that you visit - while reading an article or while visiting your favorite website.

Calculate the word count of anything!

No problem! Our word counter tool can be used for any type of content - whether it be long text posts or short social media updates.

What is the word count of this paragraph?

MerkSEO is a free online word counter tool that counts the number of words you paste. It's an essential tool for writers and editors who need to know the word count of their text.

Word count in seconds

Our word counter tool is lightweight, simple and easy to use. Just copy and paste your text into our online word counter, hit enter and the number of words will be displayed in seconds.

How it works

We give you instant feedback on how many words you have pasted, so there's no need to count them yourself with pen and paper anymore!

No more tedious work - let MerkSEO handle the counting for you!

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